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In 1998, living in Michigan.
Salley Mai Akers

[128789 ]

They left Germany for America about 20 Apr 1836 and landed in NY 18 J un 1836. They were Mennonites and did not want to join the militar y in Germany. They settled in Putnam County, Illinois, near Hennepin.
Christian Albrecht

[linck ]

King of Scotland, 1107-1124 
I Alexander

[128789 ]

!BURIAL: Gaily May Compton's information, Julia Ann (Howe) Taylor, Am anda May
(Cole) Compton, and Ella (Compton) Allen's baby girl all buried in Re dington,
NE. Letter from Laura Homes, Bridgeport, NE 69336, Treasurer of Redi ngton
Pioneer cemetery dated Nov 2, 1990, "Lou Ann Herstead...said they wer e also
doing considerable work at the Hackberry Cemetery, about 12 or 13 mil es
south-west of the Redington Cemetery, and there they had found a mark er for a
Julia Taylor, another for another adult with the name "Compton", an d a baby
grave, but so far no name or date. This cemetery is in the same vall ey as
Redington, not too far from Pumpkin Creek, and with the hills on th e north and
south. And the highway from Bridgeport goes on west from Redington . The
Redinton cemetery is only 1 mile off the highway, while Hackberry i s about 4
miles off, but still takes in the creek, the hills, Court House and J ail Rocks,

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Aaron Brent Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-21.
Abbie Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Abraham Keith Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Adam Glen Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Alma James Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
AnnMarie Allen

still living - details excluded
Belle Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
David Taylor Allen

still living - details excluded
Donald Ray Allen

[linck ]

buried in Wellsville, NY 
Edward Jordan Allen
115 Entire family killed Jul 26, 1777, Massacred by Indians
Elizabeth Allen

still living - details excluded
Ellen Thomas Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Emily Allen
118 Entire family killed Jul 26, 1777, Massacred by Indians
Eva Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-19.
Floyd Allen
120 Baptism Record of Kinderhook Reformed Church: Kinderhook Kinderhook Reformed Church 1718-1899

Baptism Date: 25 Feb 1777
Father: Joh. Allen
Mother: Eva Kilmer
Item #: 1966
Child: Jurry
Sponsor: Jurry Kilmer; Eva Geert Kilmer

Entire family killed Jul 26, 1777, Massacred by Indians
George Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-15.
Notes: His full name was George Hezekiah Andy Obadiah Silas Riley Frederick
Wiley James Joe Peter Panode Benjamin Land Bolton Harden Abraham Lee Forrester
Allen (all given names).
George Forrester Allen

[linck ]

Salamanca, New York
Social Security #: 119-26-6195
SS# issued in: New York
Grace Wilma Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Heather Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-6.
Notes: She never married.
Ida Allen

still living - details excluded
James Bryan Allen

still living - details excluded
Jason Eric Allen

still living - details excluded
Jason Houston Allen
128 His Entire family killed Jul 26, 1777, Massacred by Indians
John Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-14.
John Frank Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Judy Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-17.
Madison Allen

still living - details excluded
Malissie Ann Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-18.
Maurice Allen

Ref: Colonial Families of the United States, Vol I
Mildred Aylett Allen

still living - details excluded
Pearl May Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Ruth Allen

[128789 ]

Living individual, details withheld
Samuel Dee Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-4.
Notes: She died at the age of 6, in Hickman Co., Tenn.
Sophie Allen

House of Forrester II: NN-5.
Notes: He never married.
Willie J. Allen
140 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
about Jane Allyn Allen
Name: Jane Allyn Allen
Spouse: Henry Wolcott
Parents: Thomas Allyn Allen , Abigail Warham
Birth Place: Hartford, Windsor, CT
Birth Date: 22 Jul 1670
Marriage Place: Windsor, Hampton, CT
Marriage Date: 1 Apr 1696
Death Place: Tolland, Tolland, CT
Death Date: 11 Apr 1702
Jane Allyn

1687 to 1695.

Page 227-8 Name: Col. John Allyn Location: Hartford
Invt. ?1806-13-10. Taken 12 November, 1696, by Cyprian Nickols, Thomas Bunce & Joseph Easton.
Note: Items from the Inventory of Col. John Allyn:
? s d
Two Negroes: A Man and Woman, in Cash, 45-00-00
A Bill due from Robert Lane, 145-00-00
A Tankard, 8-00-00
A Candle Cup, 3-06-00
A Salt Seller, 3-09-06
A Dram Cup, 10-06
A large Spoon, 13-06
A Ditto (broken), 8-00
In Cash & Plate, 206-15-06
Court Record, Page 121-2-3--18 November, 1696: Adms. to Joseph Whiting, William Whiting & Aaron Cooke. They are to report to this Court March next. And further, this Court do appoint Sergt. Thomas Bunce & Mr. William Pitkin to Dist. the Estate as follows:
? s d
To the Relict 1-3 part of the Real Estate during life, 406-00-02
The Real Estate in all amounts to 1220-05-00
To Each of the five children, 162-14-00
To the Relict in Moveables, 46-00-02
To each of the Children in Moveables, 46-00-02
To the Relict, Plate & Money, 24-02-09 1/2
To Each of the Children, in Cash & Plate, 24-02-09 1/2
The 1-3 to the Relict in Real Estate, to be divided to the Children after her decease.
Record on File: 23 November, 1696: To the Widow of Col. John Allyn, To William Whiting, To William Southmayd, To Aaron Cooke, To Elizabeth Allyn; by Thomas Bunce & William Pitkin.
Page 146--(Vol. IV) 4 March, 1696-7: Report of the Dist. of the Estate of Col. John Allyn, per Sergt. Thomas Bunce and William Pitkin.
John Allyn

1700 to 1710.

Page 178-9 Name: John Allyn Location: Windsor
Invt. ?320-13-06. Taken 27 August, 1707, by Benjamin Newbery and Samuel Moore. Will dated 25 May, 1697. The last will and testament of John Allyn, of Windsor, is as followeth: Imprimis: After the payment of all due debts and funeral charges, I dispose of my outward estate as followeth: All my land at Hartford swamp I give to my brother Benjamin, and to his heirs and assigns after him, never to be alienated from the name. If he have no male heir, then to be to my brother Thomas, or, next, to my brother Samuel. For the rest of my lands and moveable estate, I give to the children of my brothers and sisters; only to my sister Gilbert's child and to my sister Jane's child I give ?5 more than to any of the rest. To my brother Matthew Allyn and his children I give nothing; only to his son Josias I give a set of silver buttons. I appoint my brother Thomas Allyn my executor, and with him my brother Benjamin Allyn when he shall be of age.
Witness: Samuel Mather, John Moore, Senior.
John Allyn, ls.
Court Record, Page 99--20 October, 1707: Thomas Allyn and Benjamin Allyn, of Windsor, exhibited in this Court the last will and testament of their late Brother, John Allyn, decd., whereof they are appointed executors. Will proven. Capt. Matthew Allyn and Henry Wolcott, of Windsor, appealed from this determination of this Court, allowing the will of John Allyn, to the Court of Assistants to be holden at Hartford May next. Recog. ?20.
Page 141 (Vol. VIII) 18 May, 1713: Whereas, Thomas and Benjamin Allyn, who were executors, are now decd., this Court grant Adms., with the will annexed, to Col. Matthew Allyn.
Page 188--5 April, 1714: This Court now grant Adms., with the will annexed, to Samuel Allyn, of Windsor, and Ebenezer Gilbert, of Farmington.
Page 214--6 September, 1714: Ebenezer Gilbert of Farmington, Adms. on the estate of John Allyn, late of Windsor, appeared in Court and declared that he justly suspected Capt. Timothy Thrall, Samuel Allyn and Joanna, the wife of Samuel Bancroft, and Anne Allyn, widow, all of Windsor, to have in custody or possession some considerable part of that estate. Citation was issued for these persons to appear at Court to be interrogated upon oath.
Page 14 (Vol. X) 2 April, 1723: Timothy Loomis, Jacob Drake and Israel Stoughton are appointed to divide the real estate according to the will of John Allyn, decd.
Page 9 (Vol. XIV) 3 August, 1742: Samuel Allyn, of Windsor, Adms. on the estate of John Allyn, was cited to appear and render an account of his Adms. as per writ on file. Sd. Adms. now produced in Court an account of his Adms. on sd. estate, which, being imperfect, is not allowed. He prays for time to perfect sd. account, which is allowed.
Page 13--26 November, 1742: Ann Allyn, alias Loomis, Adms. on the estate of Benjamin Allyn, which sd. Benjamin was an executor on the estate of John Allyn, of Windsor, decd., by her son Benjamin, her attorney, presented to this Court an account of sundry debts and charges against the estate of John Allyn, whereby it appears the sd. Benjamin Allyn, executor aforesd., decd., has paid in debts and charges ?60-16-09; also an account of charges against the estate of ?2-07-09, which was exhibited by Henry Wolcott, of Springfield, which account is accepted by the Court. Also, Benjamin Allyn, attorney, exhibited an account of credit received to the sd. estate of ?5-17-02; accepted.
Note: Sd. Henry Wolcott appeared as atty. to Thomas Wolcott, of Ancrom, James Ward and Timothy Thrall, heirs to the estate of the sd. decd.
Dist. of lands on file: 7 January, 1751: To Henry Wolcott, to heirs of Joanna Stoughton, to heirs of Ebenezer Gilbert, to heirs of Samuel Allyn, to heirs of Thomas Wolcott, to heirs of Sarah Ward, to heirs of William Thrall, to heirs of Thomas Allyn; by Jonathan Hills, Samuel Wells and John Pitkin.
John Allyn
143 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
about Matthew Allyn
Name: Matthew Allyn
Spouse: Elizabeth Wolcott
Parents: Thomas Col Allyn , Abigail Warham
Birth Place: Hartford, Windsor, CT
Birth Date: 5 Jun 1660
Death Place: Windsor, Hartford, CT
Death Date: 17 Feb 1758
Mathew Allyn

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. Volume III Tuttle
(The Allyn Line).

(II) Matthew , son of Richard Allyn , was baptized April 17, 1605 , at Braunton, Devonshire , now Brampton . He settled at Windsor, Connecticut .

1663 to 1677.

Page 84 Name: Matthew Allyn Location: Windsor
Invt. ?466-17-02. Taken 14 February, 1670-1, by Daniel Clarke & Richard Lord. The House and Lands in Windsor not Inventoried because by a Deed of Gift it was made over to Thomas Allyn by Mr. Matthew Allyn at the Marriage of the sd. Thomas Allyn, to be to him & his heirs forever after the death of sd. Mr. Matthew Allyn and Margaret his wife. Prised by Daniel Clarke & Richard Lord. Also a further Invt. of Land & Stock in Kenilworth, valued at ?120-00-00, and Land at Ketch prised at ?40-00-00.

Will: I Matthew Allyn of the town of Windsor, in the Colony of Connecticut, being at prsent through the tender mercy of God, though weak in body, of good memory & have the use of my understanding as at other times, am desirous to attend the counsell of the prophett in setting my house in order that soe I may with the more Freedom wayte the good pleasure of god whose I am & in whome I doe desire forever to hope, wayte and rejoice; & into the Armes of his mercy I desire to render my soule, & my body to christian Buriall according to the discresion of my children; & for that estate that god hath blest me withall, I doe give & bequeath it as hereafter exprest:

I make my beloved wife my sole executrix of this my Last will & Testament. Imprs: I doe give all the estate that I now stand posest of, both Lands & Cattell & household stuffe, to my deare & well beloved wife margarett Allyn, to be & belong to her during her naturall life, my just debts being first payd; & I desire my sons, John Allyn & Thomas Allyn, & Benjamin Newbery, to improve the same for her comfort; & I command them to be carefull in provideing for her comfortable maintenance as Long as she shall live. And after the decease of my dear & well beloved wife I give unto my beloved sonn John Allyn & his heirs forever, all my Lands & estate lying & being within the Bounds of the towneship of Kenilworth, In the county of New London; I say both the Farme & Stock upon it that is in the hands of my Tennants. I also hereby confirme & ratify to him & his heirs forever all my Land in Hartford that I gave to him as his Marriage portion & which formerly hath bin recorded to him; & after the decease of my wife I give unto my well beloved sonn Thomas Allyn the one halfe of my Farme of Land at Ketch, & neare to Ketch, only out of his halfe I give unto my beloved grand child Matthew Allyn one Hundred Acres of Land whereof twenty Acres shall be meadow; I doe now hereby rattify & confirm the same to him agayn: I likewise give him my tables & stooles that belong to the house, as allso the cupboards.

I doe likewise, after the decease of my beloved wife, give unto my beloved sonn and daughter Benjamen & Mary Newbery & their heirs forever, the one halfe of my Farme of Land at Ketch & near to Ketch, only out of his halfe I give unto my beloved grand child Mary Maudsley & her heirs for ever, fifty Acres of Land whereof Tenn Acres shall be meadow; I give unto Mary Griffin, if she continue her service wth me & my wife till we decease, Forty shillings besides her wages; I give unto John Indian one suit of my cloathes, my sonns to appoynt which; my just debts & Legacies being payd, the remaynder of my estate I give & bequeath to my sonns John & Thomas Allyn & my daughter Mary Newbery, to be equally divided Between them, each of them to have a third part as before, which third parte shall belong to them & their heirs forever.

Finally, I command my children that they be loveing, kind & helpfull one unto another, & that they walke in the fear of God that he may be with them & bless them when I shall be gathered to my Fathers. And that this is my Last Will & Testament, hereby renounceing all former Wills & Testaments that I have made by writeing or word of mouth, & rattifying this, I declare by subscribeing hereto this thirtyeth of January, 1670.

Matthew Allyn.

This was signed & declared to be the last Will & Testament of Mr. Matthew Allyn by himselfe at his house in Windsor the 30th January, 1670.
Witness: Henry Wolcott sen., Daniel Clarke, Joseph Haynes.
Court Record, Page 107--2 March, 1670-1: Will proven.

The Great Migration Begins


ORIGIN: Braunton, Devonshire
REMOVES: Hartford 1636, Windsor by 1648
RETURN TRIPS: Had "conference in England this last summer with certain merchants" (1640) [Lechford 359]; these merchants were of Barnstaple in Devonshire [Lechford 416]. Given the extent of Matthew Allyn's business dealings, it would not be surprising if he made other trips to England.


CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Cambridge church prior to 4 March 1634/5 implied by freemanship. Since the Cambridge church as a whole moved to Hartford in 1636, Allyn remained a member of that church, but by 1644 he had been excommunicated, and his attempts to be reinstated by the Connecticut General Court were unsuccessful [CCCR 1:106, 111]. Matthew Allyn probably was admitted to the Windsor church upon his move there, along with his wife, but since he died prior to Matthew Grant's retrospective compilation of Windsor church records, he does not appear in the list of those admitted after the removal of the church from Dorchester to Windsor.

FREEMAN: 4 March 1634/5 [MBCR 1:370].

EDUCATION: Signed his will with a clear, strong hand; inventory included books valued at 3 11s. Although there is no direct evidence, the nature of his business and civic activities argue in favor of his being well-educated.

OFFICES: Deputy from Cambridge to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 3 March 1635/6 [MBCR 1:164]; deputy from Windsor to Connecticut General Court 1648 to 1651 and 1654 to 1657 and assistant of Connecticut General Court 1658 to 1666; held many other important appointments for Connecticut, including Patentee for Royal Charter, 1662, and Commissioner for United Colonies, 1664 [for details see CT Civil List 1].

ESTATE: Granted one acre for a cowyard at Cambridge, 4 November 1633 [CaTR 6]; granted two acres in the Neck of Land, 2 February 1633/4 [CaTR 7]; received a proportionate share of six in the undivided meadow, 20 August 1635 [CaTR 13]; granted five acres of land, 8 February 1635/6 [CaTR 16]; held five "houses" in town, 8 February 1635/6 [CaTR 18].

In the Cambridge land inventory on 10 October 1635 "Mathew Allen" held twelve parcels of land: one house in town with backside, about half a rood; one house in town with garden and backside, about half a rood; one cowhouse with a yard in Ox Marsh, about half a rood; one acre and a rood in Old Field; two acres in Wigwam Neck; two acres and a half on Small Lot Hill; twenty-seven acres in the Neck of Land; fifteen acres in the Neck of Land; two acres in Ox Marsh; ten acres in Ship Marsh; twenty-four acres in the Great Marsh; and twelve acres in the Great Marsh [CaBOP 25-26].

By 7 December 1638 Matthew Allyn had purchased from Plymouth Colony their trading post at Windsor [CCCR 1:53-54], and as late as 20 March 1654 Allyn and the town of Windsor were still bargaining over this enclave within Windsor [WiLR 1:134, 1A:125; Windsor Hist 2:27-28].

On 17 December 1638 Matthew Allen and Margaret his wife of Hartford conveyed certain lands in Devonshire to Thomas Allen of Barnstaple in Devonshire, with a condition attached [Lechford 86-87]. The grantee of this instrument was Matthew's brother, and the land may have been part of his inheritance in Devonshire.

In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639/40 "Mr. Mathew Allen" held twelve parcels of land (all of which appear to have been granted to him early): two acres with dwelling house, outhouses, yards and gardens; two acres one rood nineteen perches in the Little Meadow; two acres (together with an island) "on which his mill now standeth"; ten acres by the West Field; eight acres nine perches of meadow and swamp in the North Meadow; thirty-two acres three roods of meadow and swamp in the North Meadow; twenty-four acres two roods of meadow and swamp in the North Meadow; eight acres one rood twenty-four perches on the east side of the Great River; sixty-four acres in the Old Ox Pasture; twenty-nine acres three roods in the Cow Pasture; twelve acres twenty-six perches in the Neck of Land; and seventeen acres three roods twenty-six perches in the Neck of Land [HaBOP 144-47].

On 28 August 1661 the Connecticut General Court "granted unto Mr. Math: Allyn, 400 acres of upland and 100 acres of meadow, where he can find it within Conect: liberties ..." [CCCR 1:372].

In his will, dated 30 January 1670[/1] and proved 2 March 1670/1, Matthew Allyn of Windsor bequeathed to wife Margaret Allyn entire estate for life (sons John Allyn, Thomas Allyn & Benjamin Nuberry to improve it for her benefit); to son John Allyn (after decease of Margaret Allyn) all lands in "Kenillworth in the County of New London, I say both the farm & stock upon it" as well as land in Hartford previously given to him as his marriage portion; to son Thomas Allyn (after decease of Margaret Allyn) half of land at Catch [Simsbury] (out of which "my beloved grandchild Mathew Allyn" is to get one hundred acres) as well as lands at Windsor already given him as his marriage portion; to son and daughter Benjamin and Mary Newbery (after decease of Margaret Allyn) other half of land at Catch (out of which "my beloved grandchild Mary Maudsly" is to get fifty acres); to Mary Griffen (servant) 40s.; to John Indian one suit of clothes; to sons John and Thomas Allyn and daughter Mary Newbery residue equally; wife to be sole executrix. The inventory of the estate of "Mr. Mathew Allyn deceased" was taken 14 February 1670/1 and totalled 466 17s. 2d., of which 160 was real estate: "land & stock at Kennelworth," 120; and "land at Catch," 40 ("the house & land in Windsor not inventoried because by a deed of gift it was made over to Thomas Allyn by Mr. Mathew Allyn at the marriage of the said Thom: Allyn to be to him & his heirs forever after the death of the said Mr. Mathew Allyn & Margaret his wife") [Hartford PD Case #104; Manwaring 1:171-72].

BIRTH: Baptized Braunton, Devonshire, 17 April 1605, son of Richard and Margaret (Wyott) Allen [NEHGR 51:213; TAG 57:116].

DEATH: Windsor 1 February 1670/1 [WiVR Barbour, citing original 1:40 (although the date is given as "7 February" in some sources)].

MARRIAGE: At Braunton, Devonshire, 2 February 1626/7 "Mris. Margret Wyot" [NEHGR 51:214; TAG 57:117]; admitted to Windsor church 5 August 1649 [Grant 10] (and she had probably also been a member of the Cambridge/Hartford church); died Windsor 12 September 1675 [WiVR Barbour, citing "Col. 1:58"].

i MARY, bp. Braunton, Devonshire, 20 January 1627/8 [TAG 57:116]; m. Windsor 11 June 1646 Benjamin Newberry [WiVR Barbour, citing original 1:49], son of Thomas Newberry of Dorchester and Windsor.

ii JOHN, bp. Braunton, Devonshire, 24 February 1630/1 [NEHGR 51:213; TAG 57:116]; m. (1) Springfield 19 November 1651 Ann Smith, dau. of HENRY SMITH [Hale, House 725]; m. (2) between 3 November 1676 and 4 March 1696/7 Hannah (Lamberton) Welles, dau. of George and Margaret (Lewen) Lamberton, and widow of Samuel Welles [Hale, House 788; Brainerd Anc 13-14].

iii THOMAS, b. about 1633; m. Windsor 21 October 1658 Abigail Warham [WiVR Barbour, citing original 1:53], dau. of Rev. JOHN WARHAM.

ASSOCIATIONS: Brother of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, as may be seen by following carefully the many entries for both Matthew and Thomas in Lechford, especially p. 418 which explicitly links the Barnstable man with Braunton in Devonshire. Thomas Allen of Wethersfield was a different man and not related to this family, nor was Samuel Allen of Windsor any relation [Hale, House 447-48]. (Matthew Allyn's extensive litigation of 1650 was with his brother Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, and not with Thomas Allen of Wethersfield [RPCC 87-88; CCCR 1:211].)

Matthew Allyn was in some way related to WILLIAM SPENCER of Cambridge and Hartford, or, more probably, to his wife, Agnes Harris [TAG 63:33, 38-39, and other sources cited there].

COMMENTS: Matthew Allyn's first appearance in New England was in the grant of land in Cambridge on 4 November 1633 to seven men [CaTR 6], of whom three others (JOHN HAYNES, THOMAS HOOKER and SAMUEL STONE) are known to have arrived 4 September 1633 on the Griffin [WJ 1:128-30]. ("Mathew Allen" does appear in a list dated 7 January 1632/3 of those ordered to fence in the common [CaTR 5], but this list must have been compiled about two years later, for it includes men such as John Haynes who did not arrive until late in 1633.)

Matthew Allyn seems out of place in Cambridge, as all others who arrived at about this time were from East Anglia; based on his English origin, one would expect Allyn to have resided first in Dorchester. This unusual residence for Allyn is probably tied up in some way with his relationship with WILLIAM SPENCER.

The date of Allyn's removal to Windsor (by 1648) derives from our knowledge of his officeholding. Although he owned land in Windsor long before that date, the first evidence of his residence in Windsor is his appearance in Connecticut General Court as deputy for Windsor on 18 May 1648. That he was deputy for Windsor and not for Hartford is confirmed by noting that each of the three oldest towns in the colony was allowed four deputies at this time, and only if Allyn was representing Windsor do the numbers come out right.

Besides being a man who was highly respected and who served society well, Matthew Allyn was a highly contentious man. We have already seen that he had lengthy disputes with his brother, and not long after he left Massachusetts he was wanted for "debt and damage" he had left behind [7 October 1641: "It is ordered, that a letter shalbe sent to Mr. Haynes & the rest of the magistrates at Connectecot, to send back the prisoner Mathewe Alleyn, or satisfy the debt & damage" (MBCR 1:339)]. Further evidence of his litigiousness may be found throughout the Connecticut court records [RPCC passim; CCCR passim].
Matthew Allyn

(I) Richard Allen or Allyn was born in Braunton, Devonshire, England , and died in 1662 . His will was dated November 29, 1647 , and proved May 10, 1662 . He married Margaret Wyatt . Children: Emmett , baptized December 19, 1584 ; Thomas , December 24, 1597 ; Wilmot , January 9, 1598 ; Richard , May 6, 1601 ; Matthew , who is further mentioned below

II) Matthew , son of Richard Allyn , was baptized April 17, 1605 , at Braunton, Devonshire , now Brampton . He settled at Windsor, Connecticut 
Richard Allyn

1687 to 1695.

Page 222-3 Name: Capt. Thomas Allyn Location: Windsor

Died 14 February, 1695-6. Invt. ?1174-13-09. Taken 27 February, 1695, by Return Strong Sen. and John Porter.

Court Record, Page 101--5 March, 1695-6. At a County Court: An Invt. of the Estate of Capt. Thomas Allyn of Windsor was now Exhibited. wherein It appears that Matthew Allyn, the Eldest son, had received of his Portion before Marriage, of his Father in a house and Lands with an Engagement to pay at a late date ?100 in addition, which in Value and amount was a full double portion of his Father's Estate. The Court Order Dist. to the 4 other sons and the 4 daughters, Children of the sd. Thomas Allyn and Brothers & Sisters to the sd. Eldest son Matthew Allyn.

The Court appoint Mr. Return Strong and Daniel Hayden, wth Col. Allyn, to Distribute the Estate among the Children in equal Portions, Reserving Cloth and yarn so much as may be necessary for present clothing before the division, then all to receive (not excluding Matthew). Samuel Allyn and Matthew Allyn to be Adms.--8 April, 1696.

Dist. File: 5 June, 1702: By Agreement of Legatees: To Matthew, Thomas, John (Dec.), Samuel, Benjamin Allyn and Abigail Bissell (Jane, Sarah and Hester not Mentioned in the Agreement, but 4 daughters were subjects of the Order of the Court as above said).
Page 32--(Vol. VII) 8 September, 1702: The Adms. on the Estate of Capt. Thomas Allyn cited to appear with their Account.
Page 40--2 March, 1702-3: Report by Capt. Matthew Allyn and Samuel Allyn, Adms. on the Estate of their Father Capt. Thomas Allyn decd. This Court appoint Lt. Return Strong, Lt. Daniel Heydon and Alexander Allyn to Dist. to such of the Children (Matthew excepted) as will pay their rateable part of debts due of ?61-13-08, for which there is not Personal property sufficient to pay. There remains yet considerable Land undivided.

Page 62--19 December, 1704: Whereas, there was an Order of the General Court of the 11th May, 1704 (respecting the Dist. of the Estate of Capt. Thomas Allyn which was partly made by the County Court and afterwards by Order of the General Court, which Dist. interfere by setting Land to Matthew Allyn which was before set out to his Brethren) directed to this Court to inquire into that matter and to make such Orders concerning a new Dist. of the Land formerly Dist. which have interfered as aforesd., as also concerning the remainder of the Lands belonging to sd. Estate of Capt. Thomas Allyn which is not yet Dist., and pursuant thereunto, Matthew Allyn, Thomas Allyn, John Allyn, Samuel Allyn, Benjamin Allyn, and Abigail Bissell, Widow, of sd. Windsor, Children of the late Thomas Allyn, being summoned, appeared before this Court. Whereupon this Court do now order a new Dist.
Page 65--6 March, 1704-5: There was exhibited in this Court an Agreement made by the Children of Capt. Thomas Allyn, under their Hands & Seals, respecting the final Settlement of the Estate of their Father, which this Court accepts & approve, and order to be kept on File. Matthew Allyn for himself, & Samuel Allyn for himself and his sister Jane Decd, personally appeared in this Court and acknowledged the sd. Agreement to be their Act and Deed.

Page 66--5 April, 1705: Dist. exhibited and rejected by the Court, which now appoints Richard Lord, Aaron Cooke and Caleb Stanley Jr. to dist. the Estate with regard to an Agreement of the Heirs. And whereas, Ebenezer Gilbert of Hartford, who married Esther, one of sd. Children, hath complained to this Court that his Charge was ?48 in the 1st Dist. of sd. Estate, which he cannot understand how it was paid to him, This Court do therefore order the sd. Lord & Dist. to examine and inquire into that matter.
Page 68--26 April, 1705: Matthew Allyn having paid Debts from his Personal Estate amounting to the sum of ?34-04-09, is directed to make Application to the General Court to sell Land to reimburse himself.

Page 93--7 May, 1707: Matthew Allyn, Adms. on his Father's Estate, now exhibits a Distribution of the remaining part of sd. Estate by Thomas Stoughton, Job Drake and Nathaniel Loomis. Per Order of 13 February, 1705-6. (See Order of Court, 1696.)
Thomas Allyn
147 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
about Thomas Allyn
Name: Thomas Allyn
Spouse: Martha Wolcott
Parents: Thomas Allyn Allen , Abigail Warham
Birth Place: Hartford, Windsor, CT
Birth Date: 11 Mar 1661
Marriage Place: Windsor, CT
Marriage Date: 6 Jan 1685
Death Date: 6 Apr 1709
Thomas Allyn

still living - details excluded
Ben Roe Alumbaugh

still living - details excluded
Ben Roe Alumbaugh

still living - details excluded
Cynthia Jane Alumbaugh

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